Direct TT Visa Card

Exclusive for Direct TT Clients

**Not offered to Direct Trading Technologies UK LTD clients 

  1. Withdraw instantly to your Direct TT Visa card
  2. Use your card at any point of sale or ATM

Fill the following information

To apply for Direct TT prepaid Visa card.

I accept Risk Disclosure. I also agree to be contacted by Direct Trading Technologies representatives via phone or email.

General information most know

1. Tips to help make your card usage a great experience

• Up to 30 days to receive your card.

• Sign your Card on the signature panel on the back of the Card using a dry ink pen.

• Keep your Card away from water, heat, magnetic fields such as mobile phones, and take care not to bend it.

• For your convenience, your Card may be automatically renewed unless you advise us in writing, to the contrary, at least one month prior to its expiry date. Once the Card is renewed, fees are not refundable.

• You can upload money to your card anytime and withdrawals are processed once per  week.

2. Security Tips

• Do not store your card and PIN together in the same place nor in obvious places such as mobile phones. Also never divulge your Card PIN to anyone.

• Do not use your prepaid card for telephone order or mail order transactions.

• Never let your Card out of sight. Always insist that merchants swipe your card on a POS (point-of-sale) machine in your presence.

• When you intend to travel, we recommend that you contact our Call Center to advise you about high fraud risk countries.

• Call our Call Center immediately if you suspect any transaction on your Card or if your card is lost or stolen.

• Our SMS notification service helps you detect any unauthorized activity on your Card.

3. Definitions

• Transaction Limit is the maximum amount you can pay with your Card in a single transaction.

• Cash Limit is the maximum amount of cash that you can obtain using your Card in one day.

• Cash Transactions is the number of cash transactions that you can make in one day.

4. Fees and Charges

Parameters Point of Sale (POS)

Maximum Transaction AmountDaily Limit (count)Daily Limit (amount)
$ 600.0020$ 1,000.00

Annual Membership Fees

Client Mark Up/DownMember Price
$ 35.00$ 35.00

Monthly Fee

Client Mark Up/DownMember Price
$ 35.00$ 35.00

Card Activation Fee

Client Mark Up/DownMember Price
$ 0.00$ 0.00

POS/Online Purchases

Client Mark Up/DownMember Price
$ 0.00$ 0.50

ATM/Cash Withdrawals

Client Mark Up/DownMember Price
Client PercentageMember Percentage

ATM Balance Inquiry

Client Mark Up/DownMember Price

Card Load Fee

Client PercentageMember Percentage
Client Mimimum FeeMember Minimum Fee

Foreign Currency Access Fee (F/X)

Client PercentageMember Percentage

Person to Person Transfer

Client Mark Up/DownMember Price

Replacement Card Fee

Client Mark Up/DownMember Price

Parameters Point of Sale (POS)

Maximum Transaction AmountDaily Limit (count)Daily Limit (amount)

ATM/Cash Transactions

Minimum Transaction Amount

Maximum Transaction Amount
$ 5.00$ 500.00
Daily Limit (count)Daiy Limit (amount)
$ 3.00$ 500.00
Monthly Limit (amount)Total Withdrawl Limit
$ 1,500.0060.00%

5. Card Activation Procedure at an ATM

For security reasons, your Card is NOT ACTIVE and cannot be used until you:

• Call the number at the back of your card to activate it.

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Risk Warning: CFDs and Forex are leveraged products which carry a high degree of risk and are not suited for everyone. Losses can exceed your investment. Please ensure you fully understand all the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary prior to entering into such transactions.

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